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Catered Luncheons Work at Work

It’s 9:30 in the morning on a Wednesday, and your team knows that the deadline for the quarterly reports is in two hours. They also know that Cracked Pepper Catering will be ready to serve luncheon in the sales room at noon. As your employees prepare their binders for review, a positive buzz passes through the office. Months of hard work and preparation have gone in to this day, and as a special, edible, show of appreciation, you’ve called in the experts to cater lunch. From prior experience, you’ve learned that a cold ham and cheese sandwich to break up the day isn’t exactly the most motivating food to eat after the binders have been stacked neatly on your desk, and the clock resets for the next quarter.

A catered luncheon at your workplace provides more than just the yummy factor. This special service breaks up lunchroom routines that can become monotonous and stale. Co-workers who work on opposite ends of the office can socialize over fresh vegetable toppers for their tacos and debate over whether soft or hard shells provide the better bite. And picky eaters need not fear; there’s something for everyone as they sample the healthy and local fare.

Just as promptness is valued at your office, Cracked Pepper Catering arrives at the predetermined time, and takes care when serving in a client’s space, working efficiently to offer an unforgettable lunch hour that everyone will appreciate and definitely remember for the close of the next quarter! As the delicious luncheon wraps up, employees walk back to their work stations with fuel (and incentive) for the next four hours. No regrets of eating heavy, processed foods occur, as Cracked Pepper delivers what Lancaster craves: fresh ingredients and produce sourced from the rich farms in the area.

Joe Hess and Christine Hess (no relation) have combined their experience and skills to offer a premier catering experience in Lancaster, PA based in the heart of the city. They’ll listen to your vision and make helpful suggestions to bring your idea to culinary life. The menu that Joe and Christine cultivate with you is ready to serve all palates and dietary needs, and will make your office mates savor the delicious tastes that only Cracked Pepper Catering can deliver.